Saturday, April 11, 2009

Today's Deep Condition

Last night I took my left over henna from the freezer and this morning I mixed some of my conditioner mix and ayurveic oils into the henna and applied to my hair.
I put on a conditioning cap then saran wrap and a towel. I so want a heat cap!!!
To add extra heat I wrapped saran wrap around the cap and topped it off with a towel.
I've been chilling for about an hour and I'm already itchin to take it off... see I do need the heat cap:)
I'll just chill for the rest of the day
1 my gas has to last me until payday so I'm not driving no where
2 I'm questioning my relationship status because I don't get that feel good feeling from Chris... Is he interested or not.. I hate my insecurities and I'm trying to ride things low with him.
3 I'm a little depressed because I want to be in love and loved and I don't want to be broke

Thanks God my cable hasn't been shut off LOL I'm a little late
If I'm stuck home I so want to watch my sleazy vh1 reality shows LOL

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I've decided to Lighten Up

Don't know why it comes as such a surprise.... I do this around this time of year almost every year. Yes I've decided to lighten my hair... I'm going for a 3 d color look....

I really like Beyonce's hair here

Of course my hair's not this long, but her complexion and my complexion is quite similar and these colors look great on her.
I'm actually going for something a little like this:
This Color rocks out the front from ear to ear... I believe it's called honey blonde :)
And this color rocks the back.....

And these highlights will be foiled into the front of my hair :)

Gotta have a plan y'know :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Hair is GROWING?!?!

Yesterday was day eleven of me using Ovation Cell Therapy and this stuff works! I give it a 15 star on the 10 star approval scale! My hair is LONGER and in just 15 days!!!
Too bad I'm almost done with the bottle and it'll be a minute til I can buy another so I'm going to have to be a little more creative and do the treatment every other night. This is good too because I like to cowash as often as possible. I'm so amazed at how my hairline especially at the temples is growing back in!!!! I gotta get another bottle!!!!
I parted my hair yesterday evening and conditioned the parts with Organix Shea Butter conditioner. I didnt' shampoo, but my hair feels like SILK and is loving the moisture! I know it's weird to say but I think I have "Happy Hair".
I'm getting more comfortable wearing my hair in its natural state and rockin' it.... oh and did I mention how my temploes are growing back in?!!!! I believe it's all the combo of the OCT, cowashes, MSM, biotin and love I'm showing it. I don't just go to bed without securing my hair and making sure its moisturized. I now believe and can't believe I didn't before, if I ake care of my hair, my hair will take care of me. You see I want my hair to grow like in my icon that then some! I want beautiful LONG curly hair like I was born to have...
So tonight I'm gonna pre oo with olive oile and co wash in the morning Yaaaah it's weird I can't wait to co wash!!!!