Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Hair is GROWING?!?!

Yesterday was day eleven of me using Ovation Cell Therapy and this stuff works! I give it a 15 star on the 10 star approval scale! My hair is LONGER and in just 15 days!!!
Too bad I'm almost done with the bottle and it'll be a minute til I can buy another so I'm going to have to be a little more creative and do the treatment every other night. This is good too because I like to cowash as often as possible. I'm so amazed at how my hairline especially at the temples is growing back in!!!! I gotta get another bottle!!!!
I parted my hair yesterday evening and conditioned the parts with Organix Shea Butter conditioner. I didnt' shampoo, but my hair feels like SILK and is loving the moisture! I know it's weird to say but I think I have "Happy Hair".
I'm getting more comfortable wearing my hair in its natural state and rockin' it.... oh and did I mention how my temploes are growing back in?!!!! I believe it's all the combo of the OCT, cowashes, MSM, biotin and love I'm showing it. I don't just go to bed without securing my hair and making sure its moisturized. I now believe and can't believe I didn't before, if I ake care of my hair, my hair will take care of me. You see I want my hair to grow like in my icon that then some! I want beautiful LONG curly hair like I was born to have...
So tonight I'm gonna pre oo with olive oile and co wash in the morning Yaaaah it's weird I can't wait to co wash!!!!

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