Saturday, April 11, 2009

Today's Deep Condition

Last night I took my left over henna from the freezer and this morning I mixed some of my conditioner mix and ayurveic oils into the henna and applied to my hair.
I put on a conditioning cap then saran wrap and a towel. I so want a heat cap!!!
To add extra heat I wrapped saran wrap around the cap and topped it off with a towel.
I've been chilling for about an hour and I'm already itchin to take it off... see I do need the heat cap:)
I'll just chill for the rest of the day
1 my gas has to last me until payday so I'm not driving no where
2 I'm questioning my relationship status because I don't get that feel good feeling from Chris... Is he interested or not.. I hate my insecurities and I'm trying to ride things low with him.
3 I'm a little depressed because I want to be in love and loved and I don't want to be broke

Thanks God my cable hasn't been shut off LOL I'm a little late
If I'm stuck home I so want to watch my sleazy vh1 reality shows LOL

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