Sunday, March 29, 2009

Twist N' Shout

My Sunday evening is so off the chain...
I sit in bed watching VH1 and Twisting fat doobies all through my hair LOL! Normally after applying my Ovation Cell therapy, I baggy and wrap my hair for sweet dreams. Tonight after catching a couple of YOUTUBE vids I decided to twist my hair then put on my bonnet and call it a night.... My hair is getting a LOT of moisture! This is key and my ultimate agenda.
Kinky hair like mine longs for moisture and who am I to deprive it.
In the morning, I'll rinse out the OCT and style... I haven't given it much thought of how, but I do know I'm going to have to revamp my routine because I am running through OCT real quick and at fifty sumpthin a bottle....uhuh! So I'm gonna check the forums, I think some of the ladies are using it less... I'm using it every night. I see change though, my hair is looking so happy!!! I am going to purchase some sponge rollers tomorrow though, I wanna wrap my hair tomorrow night like tonight, but roll the twists on the rollers to secure the twists.
Well it's late and I has to be in the office tomorrow so sweet dreams!!!

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